Kevin B Agar Photography
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I started out as a Birder and kept a list of all birds I’d seen, my life list.  This was getting harder as I travelled around the world so I started to photograph them and attempt to ID them when I returned home.  I’m still primarily a birder but with a heavy emphasis on photography.  I will also photograph any other wildlife that I find during my travels.

I started with a Canon S30 compact camera but soon moved up to a Canon 350D dslr and a Canon 55-200mm lens.  As with all wildlife photographers I never had enough reach, so there was a progression of lenses including Canon 70-300mm, Canon 100-400L and finally a Canon 500L F4.0mk1 with an x1.4mk1 extender.  Cameras have progressed from the 350D though the 50D and 7D to the 7Dmk2

Chestnut-sided Warbler - Costa Rica

Lesser Redpoll - England