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Repairing Clipped Wingtips

One of the problems with getting a close shot of a bird is that when it decides to fly, it sometimes doesn’t fit into the image, and you end up chopping parts of the bird off, especially wingtips.  One solution is to create new ones, a small cheat but sometimes it saves an otherwise great shot.

Here are a few shots of chopped wingtips, the post processed image, and an explanation of how I did it.

This shot has a very busy background and I decided that cloning wasn’t the easiest way to edit it.

The 1st job is to increase the size of the canvas.  Use Image>Canvas Size and increase the canvas.  I used the settings shown below.

Now select the new area. I did it by Select> Color Range using the settings shown below

You can now fill the selected area with Edit>Fill, making sure you select Content-Aware in the Use dropdown box.  This gave the following result which was a surprise as it completed the wingtip and didn’t require any further cloning.